Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

Things to come

Achtung! No pics in these times as I’m currently without a proper internet connection. But I have progressed a little with my project and have done several things.

1st. I have used for the first time in my life a GW primer-spray. It worked out quite well, but still some parts of the minis didn’t caught any black paint. But the speed was just crazy compared to the tiring work of just priming the minis myself with a brush. Also the black spray-paint didn’t killed any details of my PAL 36 Lascannon. Great so far.

2nd. I have based and painted the bases of my second squad. Also I have tested a different technique to paint their uniforms. In my first pics of my first squad they had brighter grey uniforms. In the last version of the squad I changed the color to a darker grey with a wash of badab-black. And the looked too dark in the end.
So I have used some test-minis in which I have painted the uniform in a bright grey, astronomican grey I think. And then put two layers badab-black on it. Then one drybrush with the astronomican grey again and another layer of badab-black. And it looks quite good at the moment. This technique is from some guy I have found on the internet, but I have forgotten his name or side. So if he reads this, the idea is all yours. He painted his Deathkorps soldiers in one or two basic colors, a very bright ocher. And then he put 4 to 6 layers of a blue wash on the trousers, and the looked perfectly painted in blue. Then he put 4 to 6 layers of a brown GW wash on the jacket and it looked like a real leather jacket. The new GW washes just get better if you use them several times. Believe me and try the thraka green a second or third time on ork/goblin skin and it gets nicer every time. But remember that the basic color needs to be very bright or the mini will get too dark.

Ok, pictures of the test minis will follow.

3rd. Not yet painted the second squad or any command squad, but my first Rough Rider is almost build. When I was at my local Mini store Black Planett II in Wolfsburg (the link is for their main branch in Magdeburg) I found a box of a Space Marine Scout bike. So I thought to put some of them as rough riders in my Baran Army. Also I took the scout bike as it looks lighter than the space marine version. Two days after I have built my prototype I have found this on the internet:

It is from So it was my idea but someone else was faster. But I have build my own arms for the drivers and changed also some other details, but more of this when the pics are ready.

Also I thought of build real horse mounted rough riders, maybe I will do that in the future, as also this lonely rough rider will serve as a prototype and will stay alone until I have finished the basic parts of my army. So finishing the second squad, and then comes the two command squads, plus veterans, plus two chimeras and my first 500pts will be ready.

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  1. Those Rough Riders in the picture are mine. I can't wait to see what you do with yours!

    Here's the link to the complete squad