Montag, 14. Februar 2011

Sdkfz 251/1 "Marauder zu Fuß" Manticore count as - 1. Basic Idea and the first steps-

"Its like flying a marauder bomber. Except the flying of course."
Feldwebel Zimmerle

As mentionted in the previous post I started to work on my first chimera count as. A kit bashing of tamiya and 40k model kits. And as the standard tamiya sdkfz wasn't available I bought the Rocket launcher one. So my first conversion will not only be a chimera but also a manticore count as.

Missily Death awaits.

Ok, lass knacken! We begin our Sdkf-Chimera with the tamiya kit.

It is the "Stuka zu Fuss" kit in 1:48. Costs around 22€.
The kit has around 240 parts and most of them are smaler than a frag grenade. So it is quite important to read the construction manual at least once complete. I haven't at first and made it myself a little more difficult.

Read the frakking manual. Front AND Backside.

The basic idea is to use the tamiya kit as the backbone of the chimera-count-as and put on additional parts to make it 40kish. A must are the weapons at least, but this can be done easily. The second part will be the hardest in building the suspension, ie. the tracks and the wheels out of GW-parts. At my first plan the tracks will be build out of the old chimera kit sideskirts and the wheels are made out of scout-space marine biker wheels.

So I first put the main body of the model together and fixed it with some tape.
Then I made some size camparison.

The picture was taken after some of the conversions.
So the sdkfz is almost as long as the original chimera. Although the original one is far broader. Maybe I will bild the sdkfz on some "chimera-base" for shooting and measuring commandos, etc.
I then began to build sdkzf tracks out of the old chimera kit.

Top is the complete one (other side of course),Middle is what is left after top and bottom is cut, Down is the completed three parts.

All credits goes to 8rad at WIP as he invented this construction as far as I know for his sdkfz conversion. Work_In_Progress by 8rad.
But he made it along the whole section, I build a shorter version for my 1:48 kit. I cut the lower level of the sideskirts and then a line of the top two milimeters. And then glued them together. Also I shortened the length of the section by cutting out 1 or 2 centimeters.

Here the size comparison after finishing it. Befor I made a cut I measured everything a hundred times of course.

Looked fine at that moment.

I then used some greenstuff to fill the missing parts.

Greenstuff to fill the gaps on the outer line.
At that moment I used some 4 year old green stuff. And as I used greenstuff for the third or fourth times in my whole life I was still dazzled why it was so hard to kneed. After breaking open a new pack of greenstuff I realized that my previous one was just to old and firm. The new one was far more fun to work with.

Not final status.
After I glued on the wheels in the standard holes I realized that they where to short on the top of the section and the tracks wouldn't fit in nicely. Also I put on a slice of plasticard at the backside to stabilize it. Only to realize that it was to thick and interfered with the wheels. So a lot of cutting later it fitted. The final status picture will follow soon.

The Modell itself was then pimped up a little 40kish.

Backdoor made out of the chimera kit.
The 6. Panzerdivision Baran comdemns torture in any possible way.
The tamiya kit has a wonderfull driver section, and I decided to put a soldier on the seat, to drive that baby around. I used a sentinel pilot but he used quite to much room. So I cut out the controll section out of his legs. Then I used some wire, a left over of my ps3 cables-wire and a free pencil from a furniture shop to wrench his legs together. Actually I felt a little like a torturer from the tudor era.
Once wrenched enough I put some model glue between his legs and after it was dry his legs stayed that way. Hell the Imperium hadn't hero sized legs on their mind when they constructed the Baran Sdkfz 251/1.

A picture on his place at the controlls.

"What do you want!? I'm driving!"
As with most conversion in a modell you can't even the his arms which I have also "wrenched" a little, or his sentinel controll sticks which I had cut completely. Also how perfeclty his legs try to controll gas and break pedal. I need another picture. That white stuff is some putty I used on him, but can't really rasp of in the afterward. the modell can stille be opened at that point as I will paint the basic colours and interior, and then will glue on the inner part. Also you can see here the interior of the sdkfz. Lot of store room for imperial stuff. Currently there is also a crewmen ready to be seated there. Pics will follow.

Ok, the main part is now the manticore thing. I wanted to mount rockets on the outside of the halftrack. So I thought of 6 Hunter-killer missiles, or maybe the four original one of the recent manticore kit. All of them would have worked. The hunter killer missiles even could have been put in the original wooden boxes out of the tamiya kit. But as I cut the pilot out of the sentinel kit my eyes fell on the missile launcher. Usually they aren't the weapons of choice for the sentinel as multilasers and autocannons are much more fun these days. Anyway I had one sentinel kit and the missile launcher fitted nicely on the frame. So I bought three others from a guy from my local gaming league who had just bought another guys Blood Pakt army. A real nice one btw.

Anyway, I glued the first three on the original 28cm Rocket frames.

"Wooosh! Wooosh! Wooosh", The German Rockets.

I know that the most bottomed rockets will fly into the directly forward placed launcher, but hey, thats the transport mode. The threes on the left side will need of course the skulls to be reversed, as they will be glued on topside down. Well you will see when they are finished, I think I can build something out of the Imperial Guard skull insignia from the tank sprue.

Left side, two launchers missing.

So I'm still in search of sentinel missile launchers, If you have one or two please contact me.
The launcher frames aren't glued on yet, and I'm thinking of letting them stay free to put on. This would actually give me a free chimera If I don't need a manticore for that game.

Ok thats all for today. Next time we will see how I have completely miscalculated the height of the track section and the size of the wheels. Of course after I have bought 12 scout bike wheels from an american bits dealer.



  1. Love the idea, and how it's coming along. I assume you'll put three pods on the other side as well. What about targeting and sensor equipment in the cargo area with an operator or two?

  2. Well the whole project has some problems. First the Tracks and tires. I have currently two versions, one with orc truck tires where the whole halftrack is very high. The other version uses the scout bike tires and is lower as the tracks are more set to the right and left. BUT the second version interfers with the Missilecarriage. Problems after problems.

    And surveillance equipment is a good idea. But I have actually a crewman in mind who is sitting there and watching unsanctioned pic-slates. :)