Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

Feldgendarmerie - Rough Rider Bike conversion - Part 1

"Ogryns ready!?" - "Yuas Sor!"
"Rough riders ready!?" - "WROOOOOM WROOOOM!!!!"
Last year at the inter-regimental-games.

"I will drive closer, so that I can hit em with my sword!"

Two post ago I showed some pics of a scoutbike rough rider conversion from Col Hessler from his blog.
At that time I had also made my first prototype ready but wanted to show it only a little later. Also I know that most of my conversion aren't painted at that moment. But that will change soon. Bei meiner Ehre.

Ok lets get started.

I simply build the scoutbike according to the instruction manual. As the windshield I used the one without any extra weapons. The difficult part is the driver though. I took the Scout Space marines legs and cutted some of his boots mumbo jumbo. Also I cutted a littel the belt area of the scout-legs because then it would look like he has two belts on. After that I put a guardsman upper body on top.

Later actually I tore that body of the legs and put one of the officers from the command sprue on the legs.

Because my rough riders should act as Feldgendarmerie on bikes.  They were actually the military police and one of their main tasks was to shoot deserters and some other more grueling stuff during the late war. In the 40k universe they are some kind of troops attached to the comissariat of the baran military. Also the plate they wear gave them the name "Kettenhunde" which means roughly chain-dogs.

Quelle: Wikipedia
Somehow the repulsorfield of the Cadian Officers looks exatly the same.

Thats my version with a converted arm. A quik word on the arm. I made three demos of it.

The first is an guardsmen arm with a scout hand. Doesn't looked right. Also a full scoutarm looked to big for my liking. Although the ones used from ColHessler looked very good when painted.

The second one is a 1:35 Tamiya hand. Also doens't looks right, and the last one is a cadian hand on an cadian arm. And that is how it went.

The right arm is the one from the tank sprue and he wields a sword from the catachan command sprue. the bike was then loaded with tamiya 1:35 storm trooper stuff and some GW-sprues.

I even made an empty sword scabbard.
Gut. The prototype was done and I liked it that way. When I have finished my main task of my first 500 points I will go back and paint a 10 man squad of them. Instead of hunting lances I think I will outfit the other troopers with panzerfäuste.

But the ones from tamiya are too small so maybe its again conversiontime.


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