Montag, 28. Februar 2011

Autocannon Flak Zwilling - Part 1

"Dakka Dakka Dakka!!!"
Schütze Krauss murmuring in his sleep.

The Autocannon is the queen of the 5th Edition for the Imperial Guard. Enough strengh to punch through AV12 on a lucky day and enough shots to kill transports and infantry allike. Even better at transporthunting when it is under orders from an officer. So I definately need lots of these babys for my Baran Panzerdivision.

The Inspiration came from "The Soldier James Ryan" where a wheelmounted 20mm made a scary mess of the airborne rangers on the german tank. Everytime someone fires his AC I'm reminded of that scene. So my basic idea was to simply build that thing. 

Well, there the problems started. First the featured gun is a 20mm Flak on an Wheelmount (Sonderanhänger 52). There is an old tamiya 1:35 kit for this. But it is out of production and almost not possible to buy. Especially when I might need it 12 times. So I went for the 1:35 Flakvierling from  Tamiya. It can be bought for around 6 to 8€ at most toyshops in germany and i took two from the start. Bad Idea though.

This baby in 1:35 is BIG. Almost 1,5 the size of a Heavy weapons base. So again I looked into the 1:48 Range. And I found it there and also at my local Toyshop. The German 20mm Flakvierling 38.

It is a little costy with 15€ the box but my plan is to build two out of one box. But enough talking.
Lass Knacken!

1:48, I love you
That is the gunmount when the gun is stationed. It fits exactly the heavy weapons base.

I assembled the central part of the gun according to the manual. The grey part is a cutted searchlight from the tank sprue. I glued it in so that the gunner, more precise a guard gunner can reach the paddels with his imperial boots.

Thatfor I need a sitting guardsmen. 

When they took my first leg, I said: "Take it, its for the emperor!"

I started with cutting the leg of a kneeling guardsmen.

Then put the leg on the front, cutted the rest of his upper tigh remaining on his bottom and used green stuff to build a new thigh.

See, almost as new.

Here you can see him sitting already in position. I had to lenght his sitting stock with some plasticard and punched the searchlight-holder where originaly the pedals are located. But the long thigh is quite unstable at the moment. In future attemps I think I will use some kind of rod to fix the leg and then put the greenstuff around that rod. Thats why maybe the sacred form of the human body has something like bones. (see IIUP ch.6, s.2)

Gut, the second part are the guns. For my army I want only to use gw-guns are gw modified guns. That is the last border I will not cross. So I need Autocannons.

Original sickle magazines from the tamiya kit. A little DkoK.

The almost finished ones. Actually the Flakvierling had 4 guns. But 4 Autocannons would have been a little to much for a one AC-proxy. The ACs for the heavy weapon sprue were cut a lot to fit onto the gunmounts. The magazines on top where cut and filled with greenstuff. I said almost complete because when I later mounted the gunshield I had to cut them more and more so that they would fit.

I build the gunshield an 40k-ed it a little, also the ammunition boxes.

Double eagle.
On the Top-view you can see the extensive cutting on the autocannons. And the pic was actually made before I fit the gunner.

Gut, the gun isn't finished, like most of my conversions. BUT, the vallejo paint should arrive soon, so I can start with airbrushing the primer on. 

And some pic at the end. The last view of an orc bomber pilot.

Thats all for today.


  1. Nice conversions!
    Loved the overall look of your coming army. Great use of the tamiya products! Keep up thhe good work!

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