Dienstag, 23. November 2010

Panzerabwehrlaserkanone M41 538 - PAL 38 - Crew

"How should that tiny shield protect us?"
Loader Ditter, Operation Emperors Garden

With the second Grenadier Trupp I also finished the crew of the Lascannon. A sidearm from the Cadians, a utility bag from the tamiya box and the loader got the Laserbattery put on his right hand. The loader is not glued on at the moment, but I glued on the spotter. Actually I think that this was not the smartest move, but hey, doing is learning.

Here the frontal view. The spotter seems somehow a little excited about something, maybe the loader should speed up the connection with the powerpack.

Here the backside. With the stabilizers of the gun there is not that much room for the crew. I will see how it will turn out on the next one. So, I will stop any further construction and box bashing until I have finished the painting of the gun and the Grenadier Trupp. The idea is that this doesn't end as a lot of conversion projects with half finished stuff unpainted. :)

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