Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

Panzerabwehrlaserkanone M41 538 - PAL 38

"Panzer-Anklopf-Kanone 38"
Soldier Slang for the Anti-Tank-Lascanon Mark 41-538

Actually I'm still in the making of the second Infantry squad, but as often I thought to make something nice in between. The Lascanons of the 6. Baran Panzerdivision are mounted on a gun carriage. And for everything WW2 there is Tamiya. So here is a pic of the WIP Panzerabwehrlaserkanone 38.

Ready to blow some rebel scum!

And here my step to step building list.

1. The Tamiya box for around 5 to 6 €s.

The tamiya box. And a German one, seen by the black spots everywhere on the cover.

 Here I have finished the lower part of the gun according to the construction manual. You can see here that the gun is bigger as the heavy weapons base. I could have build my own base but my goal is to actually use it on the table top, and everything which is bigger, tends to get hit more often by explosion-plates and stuff. So heavy conversion yes, complete rethinking by my opponents - no. And any drawback at the game, 2nd no.

And a quik word why tamiya and not one of the lot of herosized antitank guns by other WW2 mini producers. Because most of these guns have the right size, but their details are crap. The models dont have a straight line and some looks like they are melted. Games workshop boxes are clean and of a high quality. And Tamiya is since the 70s on the same side. Very high detailed stuff at quite a cheap price. Ok, enough of that. Back to the gun.

Gun stabilizers cut.
So I had to cut the gun stabilizers a little. But it looks still quite real.

The gunmount from the model. The Gun is missing though.
The hardest part of this conversion is actually to put the GW Lascanon in the gunmount of the model box, put on the gunshield and then it should not look too wrong.


The Lascanon fits into the gunmount without any altering of the gun.


But the Gunshield then doesn't fit on.

Gun, before and after

So I had to cut a lot of the Body from the Gun. Above an unaltered Gun, below the Cut version.

Cut, Top
 Here on the Top view you can see that the body of the gun has to been thinned.

Gun build in, no extras. and it looks nice imo.

Ok, the Gun fits in, but the PAL needs some extra stuff to make it 40k.

An aquila and a cut skull from the GW tank-stuff sprue

A big sized shovel at the place of the original one and it is almost done.

Here a last view of the highly detailed interior of the Tamiya model. A lot of tiny fiddly wheels and rods.

Ok next part will be the batterypack of the gun and then a two men crew to fire that baby.

I hope the will fit somewhere on that base......