Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

Baran Panzergrenadiere 1 - WW2 German Westwindheads with 40k Guardsmen

The Heads came in 20 piece boxes. You can watch better pics here at their site:
So I have bought every german set once and now start with the standard german steel helmet ones for my basic guardsmen infantry. The camouflaged ones and the Fallschirmjäger helmets will been used later for my veterans.

Back to the building, the heads are of good quality, but I was first rebuked by the look of these faces. But once painted the look good, and some of these guys have a very sinister look I like for my guardsmen.

Like on this one:

Ok, first I asssemble the basic guard body:

But as you can see at the picture, I have cut the neck of the mini, because the Westwindheads else wont really fit. Second I cut the Head from the sprue and cut then the neck from it also that they doesn't look like Road Runners.

And the simply put it on the mini with some glue. Don't forget to use the one which is good to glue metal and plastic together. But at this point I usually wait and don't glue the head just now. I want them to look somewhere and therefore I put the arms on first.
And with the arms come the second problem. My army is heavy an weapon conversions, so EVERY Lasrifle need its 2 minutes of sculpting. And at this moment I'm undecided to cut the weapon when it is on the mini, or before I glue it on. Both methods have its pros. Before glueing i can access every part of the rifle, but more than once I have broke the rifle when I tried to cut it as I didn't had a good hold on it. After glueing this problem doesn't occur as the "Revel" glue puts the arms in place never to be removed. Although sometimes it is hard to cut the Lasrifle the best way. So see for yourself.

Gut, after that stage I have these guys ready for the next part:

Trupp Schäfer ready to move out.

As you can see on the pic I have first assembled the arms and then put the head the way I want them to look. Like the one on the back taking a shot or the one in the left back putting the bajonet on his Rifle.

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