Sonntag, 26. September 2010

Knarren Bauen: MG42 (M41 542) Heavy Stubber

"After the defence of the Arch-Enemy invasion of the eastern calabre-peninsula, I recommend to reduce the firing speed of the used heavy stubber mark 42. Heretic soldiers were cut into half by the sheer amount of projectiles. This is a ammunition waste which can be reduced by at least 36% with a reduced firing rate."
Administratum Munitiorum recomendation. Status: Declined.

MG42, Quelle: wikipedia

Now it is time for the big guns. For the Heavy Stubber on my tanks and as a Heavy Bolter replacement for my Infantrymen I will use a converted Heavy Stubber. The Idea is to make it a little MG42 like. So here is what I have in mind.

The Emperors Saw. Cutting the Enemies of Mankind into good sized chunks since M41 542.
One thing, the bipod is from the Tamiya Weapon sprue.
And here how I build it, on top is the Tamiya one for comparison:

I have cut of the Heavy Stubber the top stuff, and a lot of the gunbody bottom to make it more streamlining. Then I just ad the Stock of the Lasrifle and the grip. When I later will build my first Heavy weapon base with it, I'm trying to build the whole gun directly to the arm of the guardsmen.

So that's it for today.

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