Sonntag, 26. September 2010

Knarren Bauen: Kar98k mit 4x Kissler Zielfernrohr

"Oh Emperor guide my hand as I will guide your cleansing light,
sharpen my aim as I will cut the enemies of thy..."
Litany of sniping, spoken when aiming for the enemies of mankind.

Hello Lads, today's gun-workshop is a quick one. Many of you have made this conversion from a standard Lasrifle to a Sniper one. So don't expect some genial idea. As the Kar98k is the standard rifle for my guardsmen, a simple scope will made it into an sniper version.

Scoped Kar98k, quelle: Wikipedia
Before and after picture:

It is just my Kar98k conversion plus a half of a binocular. Nothing fancy, just for the completion of the list.


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