Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

Baran Panzergrenadiere 2 - Combat gear

"Hey Michael, wanna swap your Zeltbahn? You know they put chemicals on the fresh ones. I'm doing you a favour."
Soldat Koslowski, Operation Basilica

To get my Guardsmen a littel more WW2 style they need gear. Also I don't just want to dismiss their original gear. So this is what I did.

First I bought one of those:

This is a Tamiya German Infanterie sprue. In german toy shops they cost around 5,49 €. In it is this Sprue:

Full view, bad quality though.

Closeup of the Gear section

So we have there full gear for 8 Tamiya soldiers. Gas mask bins (the round ones with the lines on it), eating gear (Pickpot in German), and the Bottle with the cup on top (Feldflasche). As I use only one or two pieces on each guardsmen they will be enough for 25 to 30 guardsmen.
So I will show how I used it:

Gas mask bin, the rest is just the usual gear. Gives the mini a very WW2 style imo.

Same thing, just a Stabhandgranate.
MP 40 ammo pouch and Feldflasche. Also a Sword from the Catachan Commando sprue as Sergeants need to have CCW these days.
The Panzerjäger has a Fieldbag on his back. I think it is from a Tamiya sprue for an PAK 38 anti tank gun. I have the sprue here somewhere...
Feldwebel Baummann with his LP 40, ammo pouch and Pickpot. And his trusty sword.
Gut, that's for the gear. In the next batch I'm trying to put some Zeltbahnen (poncho/halftent) on their back.
So next is some sculpting on the specialists, then the PAL 38 (Panzerabwehrlaserkanone M41 538).


  1. Sieht gut aus. I love the WW heads, I use the Fallshirmjager ones on 90% of my mini's, and the other 10% just have been converted yet.

    Have you checked out The Assault Group store? They sell awesome bits for 28mm mini's at decent prices, and your not left with loads of left over sprue, besides that the hobby stores in Bielefeld sell that Tamiya kit for nothing less than 8 Eur...

  2. Ha! My first comment. :)

    Yeah I have seen the Assault Group store before, but most of the gear looks to clumsy for my liking. In a tamiya Box I have plenty of stuff and sure leftovers, but still it is cheaper. Only drawback is that I have no big ammo pouches for my Stgw44 which will have a bolter magazine. Is there no ammo pouch for space marines? Or do they into war with one good magazine?

    And I think I have seen your Fallschirmjägerhead conversion some time ago and it was the inspiration for the WestwindMini heads I bought myself.