Dienstag, 23. November 2010

Panzerabwehrlaserkanone M41 538 - PAL 38 - Crew

"How should that tiny shield protect us?"
Loader Ditter, Operation Emperors Garden

With the second Grenadier Trupp I also finished the crew of the Lascannon. A sidearm from the Cadians, a utility bag from the tamiya box and the loader got the Laserbattery put on his right hand. The loader is not glued on at the moment, but I glued on the spotter. Actually I think that this was not the smartest move, but hey, doing is learning.

Here the frontal view. The spotter seems somehow a little excited about something, maybe the loader should speed up the connection with the powerpack.

Here the backside. With the stabilizers of the gun there is not that much room for the crew. I will see how it will turn out on the next one. So, I will stop any further construction and box bashing until I have finished the painting of the gun and the Grenadier Trupp. The idea is that this doesn't end as a lot of conversion projects with half finished stuff unpainted. :)

Freitag, 19. November 2010

Baran Panzergrenadiere 3 - Trupp Schäfer

"Unbelievable what junk the rebels are using."
Soldat Karlof, Operation Emperors Garden

Quite some time ago I started my second Trupp of Baran Panzergrenadiers. But as often private matters and a new task at my job took the time form me. Fallout New Vegas and the new Episodes of Startrek Online did their thing too. But back to the little soldiers now. Yesterday evening I have put the additional gear on them, and they are ready to be based and painted. So here some of my Grenadiers with gear.

The left one has a Field Bag, the center one a Bottle and the right one has the Heavy Weapons Rucksack with a cutted shovel.

Here we have two soldiers with a cutted spade and the central one with a Zeltbahn and a Stielhandgranate.
A quik word on the spades. I took the Heavy Weapon spade and simply cut the front. As seen on the left Trooper. But still the Spade seems too long to put it on the the belt. I have made it on the right one, but it seems to long. Maybe I will cut the handle and build a real folding-spade, but the current one looks nicely.

Also it remembes me of the fighting scenes from "All Quiet on the Western Front" where Kat smashes his way through the trenches and allied soldiers. Also he introduces the young soldiers where to hit the main arteric lines of opponent soldiers. This scene is almost similiar to the introduction in "Spartacus" with Kirk Douglas. More fightling like babarians then modern men. Actually, barbaric seems the best descritption for the trench warfare of the 20th century. Okay, enough of that.

In the centre is the radio opperator with a sidearm, and on the right the same from the page before.

 Here we have them from the front. the Arm of the radio operator is the 'grenade-throwing' one. I simply smothed the grenade and put something on the top which looks like a receiver. Also I will put a connection line between the receiver and the radio. Also on the previous build radio operator. I have nerver done it before, so we will see.

And here the Gewehrgranat-specialist reloading with a fresh 30mm grenade, which is actually a cutted space marine missile. Left and right two regular soldiers.

Gut, gut, now the second Trupp is ready for painting which I will capture this time with some pics.

Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

Panzerabwehrlaserkanone M41 538 - PAL 38

"Panzer-Anklopf-Kanone 38"
Soldier Slang for the Anti-Tank-Lascanon Mark 41-538

Actually I'm still in the making of the second Infantry squad, but as often I thought to make something nice in between. The Lascanons of the 6. Baran Panzerdivision are mounted on a gun carriage. And for everything WW2 there is Tamiya. So here is a pic of the WIP Panzerabwehrlaserkanone 38.

Ready to blow some rebel scum!

And here my step to step building list.

1. The Tamiya box for around 5 to 6 €s.

The tamiya box. And a German one, seen by the black spots everywhere on the cover.

 Here I have finished the lower part of the gun according to the construction manual. You can see here that the gun is bigger as the heavy weapons base. I could have build my own base but my goal is to actually use it on the table top, and everything which is bigger, tends to get hit more often by explosion-plates and stuff. So heavy conversion yes, complete rethinking by my opponents - no. And any drawback at the game, 2nd no.

And a quik word why tamiya and not one of the lot of herosized antitank guns by other WW2 mini producers. Because most of these guns have the right size, but their details are crap. The models dont have a straight line and some looks like they are melted. Games workshop boxes are clean and of a high quality. And Tamiya is since the 70s on the same side. Very high detailed stuff at quite a cheap price. Ok, enough of that. Back to the gun.

Gun stabilizers cut.
So I had to cut the gun stabilizers a little. But it looks still quite real.

The gunmount from the model. The Gun is missing though.
The hardest part of this conversion is actually to put the GW Lascanon in the gunmount of the model box, put on the gunshield and then it should not look too wrong.


The Lascanon fits into the gunmount without any altering of the gun.


But the Gunshield then doesn't fit on.

Gun, before and after

So I had to cut a lot of the Body from the Gun. Above an unaltered Gun, below the Cut version.

Cut, Top
 Here on the Top view you can see that the body of the gun has to been thinned.

Gun build in, no extras. and it looks nice imo.

Ok, the Gun fits in, but the PAL needs some extra stuff to make it 40k.

An aquila and a cut skull from the GW tank-stuff sprue

A big sized shovel at the place of the original one and it is almost done.

Here a last view of the highly detailed interior of the Tamiya model. A lot of tiny fiddly wheels and rods.

Ok next part will be the batterypack of the gun and then a two men crew to fire that baby.

I hope the will fit somewhere on that base......

Sonntag, 26. September 2010

Knarren Bauen: MG42 (M41 542) Heavy Stubber

"After the defence of the Arch-Enemy invasion of the eastern calabre-peninsula, I recommend to reduce the firing speed of the used heavy stubber mark 42. Heretic soldiers were cut into half by the sheer amount of projectiles. This is a ammunition waste which can be reduced by at least 36% with a reduced firing rate."
Administratum Munitiorum recomendation. Status: Declined.

MG42, Quelle: wikipedia

Now it is time for the big guns. For the Heavy Stubber on my tanks and as a Heavy Bolter replacement for my Infantrymen I will use a converted Heavy Stubber. The Idea is to make it a little MG42 like. So here is what I have in mind.

The Emperors Saw. Cutting the Enemies of Mankind into good sized chunks since M41 542.
One thing, the bipod is from the Tamiya Weapon sprue.
And here how I build it, on top is the Tamiya one for comparison:

I have cut of the Heavy Stubber the top stuff, and a lot of the gunbody bottom to make it more streamlining. Then I just ad the Stock of the Lasrifle and the grip. When I later will build my first Heavy weapon base with it, I'm trying to build the whole gun directly to the arm of the guardsmen.

So that's it for today.

Knarren Bauen: Kar98k mit 4x Kissler Zielfernrohr

"Oh Emperor guide my hand as I will guide your cleansing light,
sharpen my aim as I will cut the enemies of thy..."
Litany of sniping, spoken when aiming for the enemies of mankind.

Hello Lads, today's gun-workshop is a quick one. Many of you have made this conversion from a standard Lasrifle to a Sniper one. So don't expect some genial idea. As the Kar98k is the standard rifle for my guardsmen, a simple scope will made it into an sniper version.

Scoped Kar98k, quelle: Wikipedia
Before and after picture:

It is just my Kar98k conversion plus a half of a binocular. Nothing fancy, just for the completion of the list.


Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

Baran Panzergrenadiere 2 - Combat gear

"Hey Michael, wanna swap your Zeltbahn? You know they put chemicals on the fresh ones. I'm doing you a favour."
Soldat Koslowski, Operation Basilica

To get my Guardsmen a littel more WW2 style they need gear. Also I don't just want to dismiss their original gear. So this is what I did.

First I bought one of those:

This is a Tamiya German Infanterie sprue. In german toy shops they cost around 5,49 €. In it is this Sprue:

Full view, bad quality though.

Closeup of the Gear section

So we have there full gear for 8 Tamiya soldiers. Gas mask bins (the round ones with the lines on it), eating gear (Pickpot in German), and the Bottle with the cup on top (Feldflasche). As I use only one or two pieces on each guardsmen they will be enough for 25 to 30 guardsmen.
So I will show how I used it:

Gas mask bin, the rest is just the usual gear. Gives the mini a very WW2 style imo.

Same thing, just a Stabhandgranate.
MP 40 ammo pouch and Feldflasche. Also a Sword from the Catachan Commando sprue as Sergeants need to have CCW these days.
The Panzerjäger has a Fieldbag on his back. I think it is from a Tamiya sprue for an PAK 38 anti tank gun. I have the sprue here somewhere...
Feldwebel Baummann with his LP 40, ammo pouch and Pickpot. And his trusty sword.
Gut, that's for the gear. In the next batch I'm trying to put some Zeltbahnen (poncho/halftent) on their back.
So next is some sculpting on the specialists, then the PAL 38 (Panzerabwehrlaserkanone M41 538).

Baran Panzergrenadiere 1 - WW2 German Westwindheads with 40k Guardsmen

The Heads came in 20 piece boxes. You can watch better pics here at their site:
So I have bought every german set once and now start with the standard german steel helmet ones for my basic guardsmen infantry. The camouflaged ones and the Fallschirmjäger helmets will been used later for my veterans.

Back to the building, the heads are of good quality, but I was first rebuked by the look of these faces. But once painted the look good, and some of these guys have a very sinister look I like for my guardsmen.

Like on this one:

Ok, first I asssemble the basic guard body:

But as you can see at the picture, I have cut the neck of the mini, because the Westwindheads else wont really fit. Second I cut the Head from the sprue and cut then the neck from it also that they doesn't look like Road Runners.

And the simply put it on the mini with some glue. Don't forget to use the one which is good to glue metal and plastic together. But at this point I usually wait and don't glue the head just now. I want them to look somewhere and therefore I put the arms on first.
And with the arms come the second problem. My army is heavy an weapon conversions, so EVERY Lasrifle need its 2 minutes of sculpting. And at this moment I'm undecided to cut the weapon when it is on the mini, or before I glue it on. Both methods have its pros. Before glueing i can access every part of the rifle, but more than once I have broke the rifle when I tried to cut it as I didn't had a good hold on it. After glueing this problem doesn't occur as the "Revel" glue puts the arms in place never to be removed. Although sometimes it is hard to cut the Lasrifle the best way. So see for yourself.

Gut, after that stage I have these guys ready for the next part:

Trupp Schäfer ready to move out.

As you can see on the pic I have first assembled the arms and then put the head the way I want them to look. Like the one on the back taking a shot or the one in the left back putting the bajonet on his Rifle.

Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

And now in english!

Hello lads,

finally I decided to change the blog into an English version. I hope my English wont be to crude and everyone still has fun reading it. So After my first Gunworkshops or "Knarren bauen" :) I will show how my conversion with the Westwind Mini Heads work. Over the next weeks I will show the different minis and special weapons I will put on them.

For a quick teaser I will show my WIP Trupp 2 lead by Feldwebel Schäfer.


Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

Knarren Bauen: LSG 44

"Auch wenn das LSG 44 eine hervorragende Waffe war, konnte seine Einführung den Vormarsch der Orks und den Ausgang des Platani-Desasters nicht verhindern."
Maximilian Lucus, Gesammelte Betrachtungen zu den Niederlagen der späten Rückeroberungen des Imperators glorreichen baranischen Truppen

Das Lasersturmgewehr 44. Höhepunkt Baranischer Waffenkunde.

Diese Waffe kommt für meine Gardisten und Veteranentrups, bzw. Kommandotrups zum Einsatz. Basieren wird es auf dem Sturmgewehr 44 welches die Grundlage für viele heutige Infanteriegewehre darstellt.

Für mich ist die Grundlage modellmäßig wieder das Catachanische Lasergewehr. Das alte Magazin ab und ein neues Boltermagazin dran. Mein Dank geht hierbei nochmal an die Wolfsgarde Wolfsburg die mich mit einem Berg an überschüssigen Boltern eingedeckt hat. :)

Der Prototyp:

Das Magazin wird abgeschnitten und das Boltermagazin angebaut. Zusätzlich habe ich an dem Lauf einen streifen Plasticard aus dem Modellbauladen als Korn angebaut. Unten im Bild ist das Tamiya Modell aus dem Waffenset von Tamiya. Gibts auch bei Müller für 5€s.

Mehr Bilder gibt es wenn es tatsächlich die ersten Modelle dazu gibt.

Knarren Bauen: Gravschirmgewehr 42

"Wir sind Gravschirmjäger, wir sind immer umzingelt!"
Michel Travin, Gravschirmjäger

Für meine Veteranenauswahl werde ich mir einen oder mehrere Trups Gravschirmjäger bauen. Wenn es denn soweit ist wird es dafür einen eigenen Eintrag geben. Bis jetzt habe ich schonmal die passenden Köpfe von Westwind und den Waffenprototyp. Basieren werden die angeschlossenen Gravschirmjäger des 6. Baran natürlich auf den deutschen Fallschirmjägern des zweiten Weltkriegs. Als Waffe diente im späteren Kriegsverlauf das FG 42 (Fallschirmjägergewehr 42). Dem versierten Computerspieler wird es aus Wolfenstein II bekannt vorkommen. Charakteristisch war, dass das Magazin sich nicht unter der Waffe befand sondern seitlich.  Zusätzlich war die Waffe sehr zielgenau und dauerfeurfähig. Vor der Einführung des Sturmgewehrs 44 eine echte Innovation für eine Infanterie Langwaffe.

Das Magazin ist auf der Wikipediaaufnahme schlecht zu erkennen. Ein besseres Beispiel liefert Company of Heroes das eine Hauptinspirationsquelle für das ganze Projekt ist:

Hier kann man das gut erkennen. Grundlage sind wieder mal die Plastikbausätze von GW und die Plastik Cadianer bzw. das Catachanische Platiklasergewehr.

Hier der Prototyp:

Anzumerken ist natürlich das der Lauf noch zu kurz erscheint. Vielleicht werde ich das Catachanische Gewehr, oder ein Cadianisches mit dem Lauf einer Bordwaffe eines Chimärepanzers kombinieren. Zusätzlich befindet sich das Magazin bei mir auf der falschen Seite. Durch die Körperhaltung der Figuren stelle ich es mir aber schwieriger vor die minis dann in Position zu bringen, daher der Seitenwechsel. Aber soviel erstmal dazu.

Knarren Bauen: Buggyschreck

"Uuuuueeeeh!!!!!!" *zisch* BOOOOOM!
Soldat Marbo zugeschriebenes Zitat

Der Panzerschreck, unten im Bild, ist eine wiederverwendbare Raketenabschussvorrichtung. Kurz ein Raketenwerfer. Äquivalent ist in der Imperialen Armee natürlich der ganz normale Raketenwerfer. Auch wenn der Raketenwerfer in der aktuellen Edition nicht wirklich für seine Punkte überzeugen kann wollte ich doch einen in den Trup einabauen.

Grundlage ist also der klassische Raketenwerfer aus dem Unterstützungwaffenset. Die Stabilisierung wurde weggelassen und der Werfer wird einfach vom Soldaten stehend abgefeuert und getragen.

Rechts im Bild ist der Nachlader zu erkennen dem ich noch einen Rucksack und eine Handfeuerwaffe spendiert habe. Also im großen und Ganzen kein wirklicher Modellierungsaufwand. In nachfolgenden Versionen will ich aber noch den Abstandskranz an der Rückseite des Panzerschrecks anbauen. Als Munition trägt der Lader Mörsergranaten, da die dem Original am nächsten kommen. In naher Zukunft werden dann beide noch auf einer Waffenbase Platz finden da dies ja jetzt zum guten Ton gehört.

Knarren Bauen: LP 40

"Dakka Dakka!!!!"
Feldwebel Müller über seine LP40

Jeder kennt sie, alle Lieben sie, die MP40 Schmeisser:

So wie der Tigerpanzer ist die MP40 einfach ein Markenzeichen für Deutsche in amerikanischen Kriegsfilmen. Indiana Jones Bösewichter haben sie, die Inglourious Basterds haben sie und das 6. Baran nun auch. Jedoch nur die Truppenführer da die Produktion und der Munitionsverbrauch etwas höher liegt als beim klassischen millionenfach hergestellten Kar98k.

Regeltechnisch benutze ich die Laserpistole 40 als Handfeuerwaffe, Laserpistole für Truppenführer (Sergeants). Bis jetzt gibt es erst eine, aber da werden noch ein paar folgen denke ich.

So, Konstruktion:

Es ist wieder ein Standard Cadianisches Gewehr. Die Schulterstütze wurde entfernt und das Magazin samt Magazinhalterung auch. Das Gewehr wurde dann vor dem Imperialen-Garde-Schädel auf dem Schaft gekürzt und der Mündungsfeuerdämpfer vorne wieder drangeklebt. Die Magazinhalterung wurde dann direkt vorne am Abschluss wieder angebaut. Für das charakteristische Magazin habe ich ein Stück von einem GW Rahmen benutzt. Das Modell steht jetzt so und ist angemalt. Jedoch bin ich mit dem Magazin unzufrieden da es in seiner Form zu Trapezförmig geworden ist. Die Nachfolgenden werden also hoffentlich besser.

In der aktuellen Edition ist der Sergeant ja noch mit einer Nahkampfwaffe ausgerüstet. Damit da keine Verwechslungen auftreten bekommt er noch ein Schwert aus dem Catachanischem Commandorahmen und eine Munitionstasche für seine LP40. Und wenn er Hunger bekommt vom Ganzen Xenos wegholzen dann ist sein Pickpot auch am Mann. :)

Und jetzt fertig angemalt, nur noch ohne Gras und Wasseraufkleber: